Eyecare Services in Summerville

At Monarch Eye Care we provide a range of eyewear and eyecare services. We invite you to visit our practice to experience the expertise and service you deserve.

What to Expect Upon Your Visit with Dr. Monarch

Upon your arrival, our receptionist will welcome you as a member of our practice. If you haven't already done so online, we will ask you to complete our new patient form. This paperwork provides us with your health history and other information related to providing you with the best vision solutions. To fill out the appropriate paperwork, please visit our Patient Center.

To view a short, informative video about what to expect during your eye examination, please visit Eye Exams under Community Topics. We've also included a list below of the most commonly asked questions about coming in for an eye exam.

Why is my medical and personal background important?

The doctor will review any current vision problems, your general health, as well as discuss your hobbies and lifestyle requirements to better tailor the examination to your needs.

What can I expect from the overall exam?

In addition to determining your prescription, your eye examination will also check to make sure your eyes are healthy.  The doctor will test for any early indicators of possible eye disorders, such as dry eye, cataracts, retinal problems and glaucoma.

When the doctor ask me, "Which is better, one or two" how do I know if I'm giving the right answer?

In reality your prescription can be determined without any input from you at all.  A prescription is determined from the combined measurements of the lens power and front of the cornea.  This is how infants and non-verbal patients are given prescriptions.  The doctor involves you in this process to fine tune the prescription that has already been found.  Obtaining a great prescription is a bit of an art form.  Dr. Monarch takes pride in providing excellent prescriptions by utilizing a variety of measurements, while simultaneously factoring in patient needs and anticipating adaptation issues before they happen.

Why is it necessary to know my blood pressure and glucose levels?

High blood pressure can affect the blood vessels in your eyes and can lead to future vision problems.  Elevated or uncontrolled glucose levels with diabetes can affect your vision and can lead to permanent vision loss.  If you have diabetes, even without any visual symptoms, is very important to maintain an annual eye examination.

Is it necessary for doctor to dilate my pupils during the exam?

Pupil dilation is recommended, but is not always necessary. The doctor will make this decision during your exam.  If required, this painless process is like opening a door so the doctor can fully exam the retina. Dilation can also help detect diseases like diabetes, ocular tumors and macular degeneration.

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