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Our Lenses

Seeing is believing.  Here at Monarch Eye Care we use the most advanced lens technology to ensure you love your new glasses.  

Experiencing eyestrain or glare?  We can help.  A special coating, called anti-reflective can be an be placed on the surface of the lens to eliminate glare and relieve eyestrain caused by frequent computer & screen use, fluorescent lighting and night driving.  Anti-reflective coating helps you to see clearer, farther and with brighter contrast; think hi-definition for your eyes.  Additional benefits of this coating include a lens that repels dust, smudges and wipes clean easily.  By eliminating reflections on the front of your lenses, people can see through your lenses to your eyes, for a better view of you.

Sensitive to sunlight?  Transitions lenses automatically adapt to varying UV sunlight conditions both inside and out.  Serving as an everyday lens, Transitions will darken outside while remaining clear inside.  If you experience glare while driving, polarized sunglasses will eliminate reflections from surfaces allowing you do drive comfortably and safely.  These lenses are also great for sports and water activities, enhancing visibility through the water and across terrain.  

Over 40?  We have the lenses for you.  Utilizing the gold standard in no-line progressives, Varliux Comfort Drx lenses will give you the most natural vision, with wider corridors of crisp vision and less peripheral distortion.  These lenses are so great, we often have patients asking if the reading bifocal is really there!